Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Most countries of the world abhor the practice of commercial whaling. Iceland, Norway and Japan still hunt and kill whales despite a world view that it is barbaric, cruel and not necessary. It may be ending soon for Iceland. Germany has made a condition for Iceland to stop whaling if it wants to join the European Union and get much needed economic help.

The Japanese were recently caught in a bribery scandal with the international Whaling Commission. They now have a major public relations problem.

For a small moment in time back in 1988 the world linked and worked together for a common purpose to free two ice trapped baby gray whales in Point Barrow, Alaska.

To rescue the young of another species, governments, at that time, put aside mistrust, environmentalists and oil workers suspended argument to labor together for a common good and Eskimos did everything they could to save what they normally hunt.

It worked the whales were saved.

Two little gray whales helped us learn that the essence of life is cooperation not competition, compassion not conflict and saving to be saved.

It is amazing what other species can teach us if we but open our eyes and hearts.

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