Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rag Head

There is a republican State Senator in South Carolina. His name is not important for I do not want to give his persona any power by a naming.

He called a fellow republican, a candidate for Governor a rag head. She is a woman who was born in Lebanon and was raised as a Sikh from India American parents and converted to Christianity.

She is in a Republican primary race running for the governorship of South Carolina. The state Senator, who supports one of her opponents, said in a public arena on an internet radio program and then afterwards defended his statement to a questioning media.

"We've got a rag head in Washington, we don't need a rag head in the Statehouse,"

Once again there is no boundary to ignorance.

I originally wanted to tar and feather this man for what he said, but then I felt that my imaginary action would be no better than his insane prejudice. Instead I acknowledge this man’s right to say anything that he chooses, but I also hope he acknowledges that he is totally responsible for the power and consequence of his words.

Personally I don’t like them. I don’t agree with them. His statement is repugnant, ignorant, crude, rude and disrespectful of our highest office as well as personally insulting to the President and to the woman who is running for state office. There is another very important insult. It is to the sanctity of the divine that is within him and in all of us. He may not know it yet on an inner level, but he diminishes himself and all of us with his demeaning words.

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