Friday, April 29, 2016


What do you see in the face of a child?

I offer a singular consideration.

O’ Innocence be thou forever vigilant and embrace my heart with the full joyful empathy of life.

Let no one strike thankful and beautiful thoughts from my mind as I age and grow and increase in seeing the wonder of the universe.

Let me gaze upon the world each day with a child's mind and accept the disappointments of life as spiritual growth and karmic experience. Disappointments are the seeds of wisdom and when planted in the furrowed thoughts of action they will sprout into forests of good works and flowers of needed compassion.

I know that within the experience and illusion of time there is the evidence of grace, the joy of expectation and the acceptance of truth in every smile, in every sigh and in every tear.

Let all us children acknowledge the Source, the All That Is that gazes with love at our beginnings and endings for both are the unconditional gifts of the Divine.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Note to Donald

I cannot believe the words of Donald Trump and his assertion that the only thing HRC has to play is the “woman’s card.”

Good Grief Donald, are you that ignorant? And then your billed foreign policy speech yesterday. It was disjointed, contradictory to previous statements, secretive, (as in I have a plan – trust me), Mr. Trump, this is America, without divulging specifics, the American people have the right to know the generalities. It is our son’s and daughters who become the casualties of faulty plans.

No candidate, in my long memory of covering politics, has ever insulted their way into the presidency. You, Mr. Trump, have single-handily diminished the image of America throughout the world. Your support is not because you say demeaning things about your opponents and journalist, but because Congress has abdicated its responsibility for the last few decades and the American people are fed-up with all the elected leadership in power today.

You may be able to fire and hire at will in your business world and in your ego-centric mind, but not on the world scene and not in the America I know and love. If you become the GOP nominee, you will lose the national election far worse than Goldwater did in 1964.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


A respite from poetry months…mea culpa…

Ted Cruz said that President Obama, (he didn’t give the president the courtesy of calling him President, he just said Obama) wants the allow teenage boys and girls to shower together.

That is stupid! Of course the President is not suggesting that in the gender/transgender controversy now permeating election rhetoric.

The problem is that some, maybe even many, Americans will believe what Cruz says.

It not just him. They all fudge, distort, and misconstrue the facts to make people believe that their statements are true.

This is not presidential from anyone. It’s fraud. It’s wrong and we should not accept it from any candidate.

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