Friday, June 11, 2010

Storms again

Storms moved through my space yesterday and the day before and what a lesson it was in possible life changes. I had a wise friend who once suggested that weather is local and climate is global. I think he was right. This was weather. It was local and an inward lesson for me.

At one moment it was a humid calm within my home environs. The air was heavy, saturated with moisture, ready to release its liquid gift as soon as it cooled enough for temperature to squeeze the water from the air in the form of rain or fog. In the next moment the wind was blowing, howling, swirling, gusting and galloping across the landscape as Attila the Hun did in ancient times on his violent march through Gaul.

My weather was not as cruel or dispassionate as Attila, but it was momentarily fierce. It ripped limbs, leaves and detritus from the sanctity of brush, bramble and branches.

I watched the frontal passage as detached as I could. I tried not to think about the three 90 foot tall pines near my home either one of which could crush my house. They, as usual, weathered the cyclonic pushes with weaving and swaying grace. It was a magnificent sight to see them as strong winds pushed them one way and physics and Newton balanced them in the opposite direction. It was a dichotomy of their usual standing grace.

We humans are a lot like my tall pines. Winds of all kinds push into our lives and station and we sway this way and that; usually moving back to stability of self. There are political winds, social winds, family winds, friendly winds and spiritual winds that move us from concertized thought and dogma to the potentials of enlightenment depending on our choices.

Nature is a great teacher for she reminds us of our vulnerability and our instability in an ever-changing moment. Each moment is as it should be. Joy comes from discernible choice.

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