Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Far Right

I watched part of the Chris Mathews report on the far right in America last night on MSNBC. I saw enough and I’ve read enough elsewhere about the far right movement in our country to comment on what I see as a disturbing trend in America.

I was shocked and disappointed at what I saw. The right, whatever that may mean through the individuals speaking on the program, both local and celebrity, as they stated their goal of “taking back America.” I felt that both Rand Paul and Dick Army and Sara Palin were opportunists cashing in on the festering resentment of an organized few.

My question is from what or whom are they taking the country back? It seems to me that the majority of Americans elected Mr. Obama to enact change or at least champion the cause of change for the next four years.

The far right's overall complaint is the size of big government. OK, I understand that and at times agree that Washington is too fat and too involved in our lives and that should be changed with votes, not vitriol.

I fear that the proletariat populace of the right wants to take back the government from first, a black man who is President. That reason alone is prejudicial and abhorrent. The second reason is to appease their financial anger stemming from a systemic global economic recession that has taken wealth from every citizen.

The economic downturn is not the fault of the President, but it may be a fault of congress for staying in bed with the Wall Street lobbyists for such a long time. It is basically the result of innate greed and dispassion from high tower financial offices and a lazy congress that let Wall Street roam freely in the lobby garden of gifts, perks and privilege. That needs to be changed.

If the right wants to take back something to appease their anger, then take back partisanship, inaction, discourtesy and privilege in Washington and demand a governmental that returns to honor, integrity and ethics in their thought, word and deed then we will have a discussion base from which debate can flourish and direction honed for the operational process of our country.


Topher08 said...

I did agree with Matthew's take on Maddow earlier this week, that, as a whole, the country is still centrist in its' philosophy, but that people as a whole (as you have commented about in the past) want new leadership, especially in Congress. That is why I think we need constitutional term limits for Congressional Offices. By the way, thank you for your comments yesterday, as always, I learned from them. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

I think they left out a word. A more accurate title might be: The Far From Right"........

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