Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank You

Thank you Topher08 for your comment reminder yesterday of just “being.”

I have experienced in my travels and joys and in my stillness and sadness that “being” is an advanced state of spiritual awareness and that it is not as hard to get there as one might think. It's not easy for it requires a mind change. It's not hard for it is a simple matter of choice. That dichotomy is the paradox of being.

What’s interesting, first of all, is that we call ourselves human “beings.” We do not call ourselves human “becomings,” yet that is what most of us choose to recognize from adolescence and beyond. We all seem to want to become something, because that is what our parents, our society, our government, our religions and our minds have been conditioned to believe.

My experience has led me to embrace the “now" of the moment rather than the “hope” of becoming or better put, embrace the “being” rather than the hope of becoming something. To me hope or want, or even desire and need suggest a lack of thought completion. My vision sees a completed result not the limiting process of continuous want.

It is a very fine line; a very fine thought projection between the two. I do believe that our natural state as a global society, a collective gestalt, is abundance, but human kind predominantly chooses lack as our Modus Operandi. Perhaps that will change in the near future. Indeed it must change for all of us to move into a changing and challenging heightened energy called transformation.

How do I see that in the everyday observations of life? By simplifying the seeing. By embracing the empirical joy of the moment I feel the experience, whether it is watching children play or feeling sunlight on my back. Try this: the next time you take a drink of water feel its energy, acknowledge its gift, thank its life that gives you yours. Water will never be the same again for you.

Move your thoughts out of the proverbial box. It's amazing what you will see and feel.

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