Wednesday, June 23, 2010


There are many things we don’t understand, and then there are some things that belie common sense and common decency. Why, for instance, do we seem to have an endless need to be voyeurs into other people lives, and sometimes even after they are dead?

All too often the tabloids get a hold of a sordid story and publish the alleged assignations and private life of some celebrity. Love affairs, romantic trysts, who loved whom. Who cares! Voyeur is a French name for a Peeping Tom. Can writing about it or reading about it in tabloid or book be less perverse than peeping?

It is the memory of personal good and public grace by the icons of society that should be remembered, not their private choices that may be altered by gossip or greed.

Do we see ourselves as better by peering into the prurient human failings of those whom we celebrate? Let the sins or faults, endemic to all of us, be forever buried in the landfill of our thoughts and let us remember only the good someone does for that will honor life, not defile it.

May the judgment of personal choices be only aware by the eternal Source of unconditional love and not vilified by those who are rudely nosy.

The biblical admonition of “judge not…” is still valid today.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!

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