Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pearl Harbor

    There was a time, over dinner many years ago, that a friend of mine, a retired naval officer, now a successful businessman, wanted to talk to one of my sons about attending Annapolis.

    My friend was a good man, a survivor of Pearl Harbor, but he had a powerful hatred for the Japanese. He hated them so much that he took every opportunity in business, in public, and in private to say so.

    During our conversation I told him, I hoped he would understand, but he could not talk to my son unless he let go of his hatred, for I didn’t want a then seventeen years old influenced by such a long-festering anger.

    When you hate you create a bond almost as powerful as love, and it won’t release you from your pain until you consciously let it go. Wisdom teachings suggest that hatred will eventually destroy the hater.

    My friend thought about our discussion for several weeks. One day he called to tell me he was going to visit Pearl Harbor…on his way to Japan.

    He asked when he got back could talk to my son. I said “yes.”

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Birthday

Seventy-Six years ago this morning I was born. Thank you! I know what you just said. Like everybody my years had their ups and downs, but overall a magnificent life with family and profession. As far as I know, I’m healthy. I have a few activities that are age-related restrictive and a few I’ve discarded voluntarily.

Spirit Diver
© 2001 Rolland G. Smith

I saw my soul, before its birth,
Upon an image deep in space
And dove, from high, down to the earth
To again breathe the breath of race.

Through a tunnel, I did steal
Into a womb of warmth and love.
A strange forgetting I did feel
While on the passage from above.

My leap was silent till my cry –
Awakening in birthing strife.
That must be when I said good-bye
And died into the new of life.

When I awoke with earthly breath
And density to comprehend,
I knew that birth is like a death
Each is the same; there is no end.

Now that I’ve written my celebration, looking at the news, I am saddened and alarmed at the fires in Ventura, California; so many are hurting from the Santa Anna Ill-winds of destruction and Mr. Trump’s ill-advised decision to move our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. I can’t remember a more disruptive time in our history primarily caused by our elected leaders without a moral compass or a sacred understanding of America’s history.

i.e., Alabama’s Senate race and Trump’s and the RNC’s endorsement of Roy Moore an accused child predator running for Senate from that state.
i.e., The current tax bill now in a conference committee.
i.e., Trump’s ability to fire investigators probing his potential illegalities.
i.e., Trump’s ability to pardon accused felons and liars.
i.e., Trump’s continued denial of what he is quoted as saying and his denial and alteration of truth.
i.e., I could go on…..

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


      There are probably as many definitions of enlightenment as there are people who experience it. Enlightenment is unique to each.  All can achieve it, it's a simple choice, but getting simple is difficult.  The process involves meditation, prayer, intent, selflessness and learning to identify with that part of you that is a spiritual being.

         The concept of being "enlightened" is Buddhist in nature, and one who is "enlightened" is also "awakened."  The Buddha, in fact, means, "the awakened one."  Other religions and spiritual teachings throughout the ages have used the image of "light" to denote a condition of awareness or transcendence.

         The Hindus perceive enlightenment as "God-realization."

         In the study of Zen,  enlightenment is called Kensho.

         Some Christian sects use the word "gnosis" for enlightenment. Gnosis is Greek for "knowing or knowledge."

         Also in some Christian Icons or paintings, saints are depicted with halos of light around their heads.  The halos are a representation of one's Aura, an emanation of energized light that portrays one's state as an enlightened or holy being.
         I read somewhere, "an enlightened person is not somebody who has reached the topmost rung of the ladder. Enlightenment is getting down from the ladder;  getting down forever and never asking for any ladder again, becoming natural."

        So how do we become natural?  By being unconditional love.   Unconditional love is the manifestation of God's light, through us, as us, to another and God's light is the precipitate of Divine oscillation, the Sacred Vibration of The One.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

I'm Not Sleeping At Night

I know I am like many Americans who are appalled at the lack of dignity, decency, and diplomacy from Mr. Trump. His trampling on sacred rights, his denials and alterations of truths, his disrespect of women, his recent tweets of hate and prejudice against Muslims, his bellicose rhetoric with North Korea and his tax plan to embellish the corporate rich of America is leading this country into a cemented position that does not fit our collective future.

Where are the noble ones in Congress to stand against lies and misuse of power and the increasing possibility of nuclear war? Where are the righteous ones to put aside political positions and stand against the usurpations of freedoms and rights?

Impeachment is a process positioned by our founders to right the innocent wrongs of the electorate and the unethical choices of demented leaders. Where is the clarion call in Congress for what is right, not for what is politically expedient?

All of us have the right to personal opinions and to speak for them. The right, the left, the middle, any ideology, does not have the right to impose their absolute position on all. America is not a base core of partisan and minority beliefs; it is an amalgam of legislation through the consensus of compromise and the rule of law.

If we forget it and decline to act, we lose and so does our republic.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How the turkey got its name.

I mentioned my Thanksgiving Turkey in yesterday's post.

So why do we call it Turkey? There is a reason, and as happens so many times, the all-American bird got its name somewhat by mistake.

The tale begins with the British Empire which had stretched itself into Africa during the sixteen hundreds. Along with diamonds, the British exported a wild eatable bird back to England, but to get the shipment to the British Isles the cargo was routed through Turkey and supposedly that is how the big bird got its name.

When the sharp-eyed settlers spotted a similar winged bird strutting through the American colonies, they called it a turkey.

Scientists who study these sort of things tell us the bird that lives in Africa, that was imported to Europe by way of Turkey, is not the same bird that is native to America.

We probably ought to call our bird " Meleagris," that's what the turkey is known as in scientific jargon, and that comes from the Greek. In fact, one of the earliest mentions of the Meleagris comes from Aristotle. Just think, if the bird had first been exported from his country we could be sitting down to a Greece dinner with all the trimmings.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

This Thanksgiving time

I am thankful for clean water and air. I am thankful for the right to protest the actions of our President and the actions of Congress. I am thankful for the discourse of discussion, but not the argument of absolute opinion. I am thankful for flowers, the scent of a pine forest, the crispness of fall and piles of wood ready for a fire, and the love of my family and friends. I give thanks to the Turkey who gave his life so that we could celebrate this holiday with a feast of abundance and I thank you for tuning into the blog from time to time.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Esoteric wanderings of a quiet mind

I think all of us quest for spiritual truth in our own way.

I also think it is essential for us to think about our individuality, as we move through life and accept response-ability for it.

Searching for Truth is an individual improvisational action, rather than a definable and patterned absolute. Each of us does it differently.  There is not one path to God; all path's lead to God.

Religions think they have the whole Truth and some give credence to only their doctrine.  This practice discounts experiential awareness and obscures the truth of an inner knowing perceived beyond dogma. It is called by many names, enlightenment, nirvana, rapture, and visions, depending on our discipline, and it comes from within when we extinguish or are forced to let go of the egoic “self.”

Remember a time you felt connected to something greater than yourself?  That connection was "experiential awareness."  You experienced it, you absorbed it, and it became yours. It was awe.

Philosopher Kenneth G. Mills says, "When act bears its fulfillment -- AWE!"  During this awe, it may have seemed like you were suspended from time and you probably felt a welling peace, resonance, as it blended from your senses; that feeling is an "inner knowing."  A profound awe.  And if you stayed quiet for a few moments, to hold on to the awe, you heard the sound of the Universe. Scientists call it the din. The spirit knows it as "OM." It is the perfect sound of balance in chaos.

In the fullness of inner-knowing, the Divine within us assimilates these kinds of connections as appreciation of the All That Is.

 Life's simple experiences: sunsets, rain, music, poetry, a touch, a smile, all engender appreciation. When you see them as a creation of love, for all things beautiful are a manifestation of love, you have what is called a revelation. There is no explaining a revelation; there is only the aware appreciation of it as it is processed through the Spirit, Mind, Body as surprised joy.  Philosopher and teacher of myth, Joseph Campbell, calls a revelation the "ah ha" of the mind.

Joy, by its direct connection to the divine, alters the minds frequency to a faster rate, and so the mind loses its rigidity and subsequent fear.  Your spirit then fills the now vast space between each thought with the truth. When that happens, awareness transcends and your perception of the Light increases as well as your feeling of joy.  Joy also encourages you to appreciate all experience without judgment, either of self, of God or others.

When a judgment is absent, pure joy is present as Love, and it not only surrounds us, it is us. We are part of it, by choice, not affliction.  All we need to do is remember LOVE is an individual choice.

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