Friday, April 28, 2017

Starbucks Observations

I'll be in the Big Apple next week. I always go in early for life's show.

One of the last times I was at a Starbucks coffee counter in New York City I watched the passersby out the window in front of me. I had some time to kill before a meeting. There was a bus stop there too, so I had a plethora of humanity from which to observe.

Here are some observations about people.

Very Fat
Very thin
Well dressed
Nearly undressed
Nose rings
Collar rings
On the phone
Security on Segways
Traffic Cops
Parking ticket agents
Heavy coats
No coats
Muslim by dress
African by dress
Red hair
Yellow hair
Green hair
Purple hair
No hair
Short hair
Long hair
Short dresses
Long dresses
High boots
High heels
Army boots
Babies sleeping
Babies crying
Toddlers clinging
Toddlers wandering

There was so much more than I can remember and all of these observations were within 25-minutes.

Ain’t life wonderful.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Good Grief!


Did you hear? Nordstroms, the high-end department store, is now selling mud covered Blue Genes for $425 a pair. The mud is fake, but the cost is real. They look like something out of the depression era that hadn’t been washed ever.

The Nordstrom ad says: “the jeans are "rugged, Americana workwear that shows you're not afraid to get down and dirty."

Criticism of Nordstrom’s is coming from everywhere. And it should.

$425 for a pair of fake mud genes? What have we become?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I got thinking about borders the other day. You know the borders between, yards, towns, states, and countries. My thought concentration was on the borders of countries. The United States has a very lengthy border between the US and Canada. We have another contentious border with Mexico.

I then moved my thinking into another realm. I chose Heaven. Why not! In my fantasy place, there were no borders, fences, walls, or checkpoints to pass from one place to the other.

It was an interesting dichotomy.

Then came the finite earthly questions in my wonderings. Why on this sentient and nourishing planet do we have borders? Why when all ancient disciplines teach and preach that there is enough for all and we still see intrusion as an attack on our safety and comfort. If, in spirit, we see the other as equal, then why in form are we so protective?

The answer is probably perceived in differences and in that acknowledgment comes protections. Protections are needed to accommodate fear; fear is the needed emotion to precipitate change and encourage the difficult task of letting go.

Letting Go of Fear always brings us to love.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I am often touting the efficacy of our interconnection not only to each other but also to nature herself.

For too long we modern humans have taken for granted, ignored and abused the very nature that feeds, cures and shelters us. We forget there is a symbiotic relationship between all life and we are all in service to each other.

The native peoples of the world see it differently. They acknowledge with thanks the life they take for food. They vocally appreciate the plants they take for medicine and sustenance, and they are careful not to take all so that the nature kingdoms and the phylum families can replenish what is harvested.

The modern mind has forgotten that appreciation is a viable communication link between species and kingdoms and that giving thanks connects all of us to the One Source of All That Is.

The Findhorn experiment surprised science years ago that a new age community working with nature divas and angelic spirits and compost could grow unusual plants, fruits, and vegetables in the inhospitable climate of Northern Scotland.

Findhorn’s secret, if you need to call it that, was to acknowledge a plant kingdom and diva caretaker existence, listen to their needs, and say, “thank you.”

I bring all this up to offer a consideration.

What if the occasional story of a Dolphin saving a human from a shark attack, or of pet dogs protecting a lost child in the woods with the warmth of their bodies, or of a food source appearing and sacrificing its life in time of great hunger; what if all these unusual happenings are nothing other than a way to get our attention to acknowledge our interconnection to all things?

What if a disease is a way to get our attention?

What if? I’m just asking!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Trade Winds

I have been thinking about “trade winds.” They are the prevailing easterly winds that circle the Earth near the equator and have been responsible for ancient people to move from one continent to another.

There are other trade winds. Winds that are within. Winds with no force other than a gentle zephyr that encourages creativity by circling within our knowing and giving us the opportunity to move from one awareness to another.

The trade winds of the earth enabled humans to advance their desire to colonize, to expand, to experience and to embrace the innate physical creativity endemic to all incarnate souls.

The trade winds of the spirit are the inspirations from the Divine. These constantly circulating enthusiasms energize the mind to be the Source’s will through us as us. It is a matter of choice. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish. There is no course we cannot change.

We may not be able to alter the wind, but, as the old saying goes, we can adjust the sails, both the ones we can see and ones within.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Free Expression

Many years ago, in Salem, Oregon, there was a late night cable access television program where the host could be seen dancing nude and even defecating on camera. His actions, however offensive, were expressions of art and protected from censorship.

Within each of us is a vast potential for individualized creative expression. We all have a choice of how we manifest our expressions, our art.

Under the umbrella of art, comes a plethora of expressions: paintings, from oils to illustrations; music, both composition, and performance; literature, with its story and poetry; film and theater with its drama and comedy and form, from sculpture to carvings, but the most important expression of all is appreciation of things beautiful.

Perhaps there ought to be a litany of requirements that before anyone may use the public airwaves to express prurient, voyeuristic and lewd creations as art, they must first demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of the other arts that express the beauty and grace of humankind.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's not the way it used to be...

I had lunch with a new friend the other day. During our conversation and discussion, he said, have you noticed not being able to have a political discourse with friends and colleagues of the opposite persuasion?

My answer was, “yes, I have, both personally and professionally” Ever since the campaign and the election of Donald Trump, discussion leads to contention. Conversation leads to squabbles. Comments lead to controversy and communication ends in partisan contradiction.

I did say, that Congress is probably the catalyst for this since both political parties have been in contention for the last eight years and beyond and I think it has spread to the world.

When I first started covering Capitol Hill as a young reporter fifty years ago, I observed camaraderie between the political parties. Senators and Representatives could argue their point in a debate but would laugh and fraternize in the cloak room or at a bar afterward. I was privileged to have been invited to dinner at various representatives homes where both republican and democrats shared congressional stories with respect for each other’s position.

I’m not in DC anymore, but I’m told it’s not that way these days.

We need to get back to civility, to courtesy, and to common sense.

At the moment, every conflict nibbles at the fabric of our republic.

Every distortion, every fabrication, every innuendo from those in power removes a thread from the cloth of compromise, and soon the covering of democracy will be laid bare.

I fear for what might come next.

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