Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recent Thoughts

Considerations on modern mercantile ethics.

I think what is missing today is courtesy. We customers have become a commodity. We have become a profit center for the numerous professions. Medicine in particular and their adjudicators the insurance industry has abandoned a common wellness for the whole of life.

I believe we are all ONE, but in that great oneness is a profound diversity of individual choice and the singular ability to ignore the oneness for the aggrandizement of self.

We are all a part of All That Is, but we have a choice to participate in the All. There is no right or wrong to the choice; it is only a choice.

Medicine, media, law and religions need to forgo the exorbitant profit margin and return to their founding ethics of service. There is nothing wrong with a reasonable profit. There is everything wrong with greed. It is my observation that once profit is the only motivator then courtesy, compassion and common good go by the wayside

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