Monday, June 21, 2010


Some thoughts on laughter.

The world is filled with serious things: worries, illness, tragedy, heartache and we have to deal with these things as best we can.

Laughter may be the only way to process the events, actions, and feelings we can't understand. Laughter does not make light of the serious, nor does it minimize our responsibility to act positively. Laughter does allow us to look at life's vicissitudes out of the realm of fear. You can't be afraid when you're laughing.

It is also one of the few cross cultural emotions that everyone can understand. You can't laugh in a different language even if you wanted to.

Laughter to me is the great healer and it is an empowering gift to those who want instant access to the divine within in order to better understand existence, experience and life. Laughter is a positive conduit through which the intellect slips behind the illusion of the ego and into the knowing dimensions of awareness.

Laugh my friends. Joke about the overly serious. Find the humor in all things; a sense of humor is one of the greatest gifts we've all received from the All That Is.

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