Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eternity in a Flower

Did you know you could see the vastness of the universe in a single flower? The mystery of wonder is deep within each blossom. The magic of creation is in every petal, every color and every fragrance.

There is only one trick to seeing it all. Time! So many of us rush by a flower’s beauty or a garden’s grace and fail to see the simple connection of awe.

The next moment you see a flowering plant or flower garden take the time to look and see and wonder at the creativity of All That Is. Magnificence will come to mind.

There is a corresponding awareness in the universe itself. Look at some of the phenomenal photographs from the Hubble telescope and tell me you do not see a budding flower in the swirling galaxies of space. There is an unscented fragrance to its visible form. There are colorful plumes in its unfolding beauty. There is mystery in our not knowing what’s happening light years away and there is magic in our wonder.

There are so many connections in our daily lives that lead us to wonder, but we pass them by without a thought. All it takes is a moment, a pause, in the illusion of time to connect to the grace of eternity, the NOW.


© 1995 Rolland G. Smith

I saw a rose before its bloom with a bush of thorn.

Invisible, yet crimson bright, hopeful to adorn.

A table vase or lover’s heart with grace upon a morn.

Until red bud unfurls forth in aromatic rose,

Few will see the flower there ready to compose

A blossomed step of prickling points and barbs sharp juxtapose.

But as the warmth of spring resumes and the cosmic colors flow,

The scarlet of the silent stalk begins its sanguine grow

And dabs the bush in beauty with red roses in tableau.

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Anonymous said...

I've set about the business of seed collection this year. Have you ever attempted this? Every minute whim of the plant has come to my attention, as I wait for just the right moment for harvest. The world in slow motion, each flower a seeming mind of its own. Thanks for the post. Hope your week is off to a perfect start.

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