Monday, February 29, 2016


© 2016 Rolland G. Smith

I spent some time with friends just now.
It took me back before my birth.
I do not know the why or how,
But I did feel their spirit's mirth.

I knew them then with other names
And we were clustered in a group.
One day in joyful talk and games
We talked about a mortal loop.

In spirit talk that means again
To come on back to earthly space.
And play with time and choice refrain
And plan each life with guidance grace.

So we did choose our separate ways
And dove into the womb of time;
Accepting growth and dense delays
Depending on our karma's rhyme.

But let me bring us back to now
And all the joys of friendship's love.
By laughs and hugs we did avow

What is below, is love above.

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