Thursday, February 4, 2016

Conversation v's Debate

Congratulations to CNN. I thought last night’s Democrat Q&A conservation in New Hampshire was excellent. It’s the first time I heard clarity on some issues without the bickering and interruptions of a formal debate. I also thought Bernie and Hillary were at their best connecting emotionally and intellectually with the audience questioners.

The debates we’ve seen so far, in this long, long campaign, have fostered contention, not only with goading questions, but with each candidate vying for air-time, citing made-up facts and making outrageous and derogatory claims.

We the electorate, the citizens of our nation, also have a daily responsibility in this election. We are busy and pre-occupied and maybe even a little bit lazy, and we hear what we want to hear and don’t check or even care about the facts. We are responsible for the future of America.

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