Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Animal Cruelty

There is always a story out there about someone abusing animals.

A recent one on Facebook made me angry at the kids and the parents of the kids who stuck a puppy with a sharp stick so it couldn’t walk. The puppy later died.

There is a responsibility that kids and adults must take for the care and comfort of domesticated pets. When we choose to have an animal as a pet, a companion, or a protector, there is an implicit agreement of trust in the choice.

The animal, by its created nature, agrees to be unconditionally loyal and loving. The person, the so called owner or master, agrees to provide food, shelter and reasonable affection for the animal.

Humankind is supposed to have dominion over the earth, not insensitive domination over any of its species. Responsibility for -- does not imply callous ownership -- over.

The Latin root for the word animal means breath or soul. It is not possible to own an animals breath. Stewardship is more like it. Owning is only for inanimate things.

Cruelty anywhere, to animals or people, is an act of self-hatred, for if one truly loves oneself, disrespect for another or another species is not possible.

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