Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I’m sure all of us will be glad when this political election season is over, but then we’ll go back to a contentious Congress. Maybe!

I am astounded at the lack of intelligence of the American electorate. Donald Trump is not the kind of leader that engenders the values we embrace and expect from our leadership.

In a recent national survey, he has a large following. I know we don’t like the way Washington conducts the nation’s business. I know we don't like worrying about attacks against our way of life from barbaric tribes, individuals and misfits. Donald Trump is not the answer to these problems. His false statements are many. Check the facts. The truth does not lie. People lie and embellish to get what they want. It’s unfortunate, but, for some,  it is part of their nature.

We are not a nation of name-callers, dirty-tricksters, and accusatory innuendos. There will always be the bottom-feeders who call for us to join their prejudice and their fears. Yes, they are our fears too, but our ancestors rejected similar rants in the past. We must do the same.

America’s greatness comes from communication, compromise, courtesy and seeking solutions that work for the greater good. Do not let the sacred ethics of our past and our future fall into the little minds of fear and power.

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