Thursday, February 25, 2016

Traveling, but back for awhile

I was going to post about a meeting with friends, but listening to the television political arena in America today I must post these observations.

The political pundits are just as contentious as the candidates or party they profess to endorse.

Nobody, including the endorsers, is looking for the greater good.

They look only at the personal, the political, the partisan view of what they want America to be.

This is not the way it used to be. This is not the way America was designed. Discussion, dissent and demands have always been a part of political parties, but there was always an avenue, a path, of final  compromise.

If we, as the American electret, don’t demand that avenue from our politicians and better yet from our pundits in their pontifications, then we are in a different reality that is no longer simpatico with the basic interpretations of our constitution.

We are no longer the united states; we are a contiguous regions of divergent views.

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