Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sander's ill-advised meeting

I’m glad for Bernie Sanders that he did so well in New Hampshire, but I am disappointed in his choice of meetings.

Yesterday, the day after the New Hampshire primary Bernie came to New York for an appearance on The View and one of the late night shows.

His breakfast meeting, however, was with a man whom I believe is a charlatan, an opportunist in the worse way, a rabble rouser, and a fraud. I guess that narrows it down a bit.

Bernie’s breakfast meeting was to improve his relationship with the black community. He met with Al Sharpton, the so-called Reverend, although he has never truthfully answered questions from where he gets his divinity degree or any of his presumed credentials.

Sharpton has inserted himself into every racial and alleged racial incident that I can remember. Why Sanders amplified Sharpton’s status by meeting with him is beyond me. Mr. Sanders has been ill-informed by his advisors to take this meeting.

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