Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stone Wisdom - Now available again

Hi Everyone...I am pausing for a commercial message.

Stone Wisdom is now available. We did a second printing through They are very good and fair. If you'd like a copy please go to their website and order it. Basically Stone Wisdom is a collection of some of these posts plus some poetic commentary.

The following article was unsolicited and written by  Charlene Rubush “author and book lover” (Donalsonville, Georgia). I've never met this woman, but I thank her for her kind words.

"Rolland G. Smith has lived a life that most of us can only dream of. He has over forty years of professional broadcast experience as an anchor, reporter, producer, and commentator.

This book is a wonderful combination of his insights and views on the issues facing the world today, and his poetry. He writes from both a practical, and spiritual perspective.

Smith covers a lot of territory in this slim volume. From subjects such as “Integrity”, “The Media”, “Courtesy,” “The Middle East”, “Hidden Prejudice”, “The Use of Power”, “Thoughts on Global Warming”, “Irish Thoughts”, and so much more, Smith offers his observations, conclusions, and hopes for the human race.

The author writes of Courtesy (p.6): “In the communities of America today the elderly, the young, the weak, the poor, the ordinary, the different, are often held hostage by the misdirected actions of a few who confuse rudeness with strength, insults with wit, and profanity with intellect…this is not something we can legislate, this is what we need to teach our children by example”.

On the Media (p.3), he observes “What we in the media need to remember in our quest to tell the story is civility, courtesy, kindness, and most of all, compassion”.

On Character (p.61), he notes “Character, the essence, the heart, the spirit of a human being, is the only criterion that determines one’s hierarchy”.

On Race (p.61), he states “Race does not and cannot give its members an advantage. Race does not make one smarter or stronger; only the grace of the divine within each of us can do that, and even then it is an individual choice to embrace that gift and then be the evidence of it”.

Smith’s sharing of his experiences and deep thoughts on society and life are rich indeed. This is a lovely book. Enthusiastically recommended!"

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