Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chelsea Clinton - Reporter?

What ever happened to paying your dues?

In almost every profession you start at the bottom; the entry level doorway that may or may not lead to a long career depending on your skills, your education, your talent and luck and if you love what you do.
Chelsea Clinton gets to start at the top! NBC has hired her as a reporter.

What about all those young reporters who have been “paying their dues” in the hinterlands of America? They’ve worked hard and with little pay to gain the experience, practice their craft, make their mistakes in the small markets in the hopes that someday they’d be given a chance to work in the majors; at the networks.

What makes Chelsea get the “big break?”

Celebrity. She’s the daughter of a former, yet politically active President. Her Mom is the high profile Secretary of State. Chelsea is used to privilege and protection. NBC hired her for her name only, not for any journalistic skills that she may possess.

Chelsea has for years disdained the press, the media, and understandably  the paparazzi. I can’t recall any interview she has ever given either on camera or in print. She did work on her Mom’s presidential campaign, but would not talk to the media. She has ignored them and now she’s one them.

Chelsea is a well-educated successful young woman. She has degrees to prove it, but she does not have journalism experience. She will have skilled producers and all she has to do is front the stories upon which she reports.

That’s not being a reporter.

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