Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Do Not Call"

This is “rant” Tuesday.

Today is Election Day. In my community I have been deluged with political telephone calls from various candidates and it is always around dinnertime the night before.

I thought I was on the “do not call” list, but guess what? Congress has exempted themselves and all politicians from that annoyance because they can exempt themselves.

(It’s time to change the rules and people who make up the rules.)

If you haven’t made up your mind by the day before an election than you ought not to be able to vote. It is not hard to ascertain a candidate’s policies. It is not hard to discern their philosophy or their proclivities to be conservative or centrists or liberal. Read the literature, read the local newspapers, listen the commentators and digest the information. It will or should supply enough information with which to make a fair determination and a reason to cast a vote.

If you’re a diehard something or another then it doesn’t matter. You vote party no matter what truth the other candidate is speaking. (For me that’s another rant for another time.)

So why all the calls at dinner time the night before the election? Because they think we are illiterate, lazy and will pull the lever because they called personally. I have a lot of trouble having a personal relationship with a non-personal automatic device that says, “ Hi, I’m so and so and I’d like your vote tomorrow.”

Try asking a question to the recorded voice and see where you get.

I have made a list. I will not vote for any of those candidates who called. They should know better. I repeat, they should really know better. It’s offensive. It’s intrusive. It’s part and parcel of Congress' elite position to exempt itself from everything the rest of have to experience.

Once again, I’m tired of it.

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