Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Herman Cain once again

OK, back to Herman Cain for a moment. He has been accused by a forth woman of sexual harassment, this time of groping. The dictionary defines groping as the following.

grope [grəʊp]
1. (intr; usually foll by for) to feel or search about uncertainly (for something) with the hands
2. (intr; usually foll by for or after) to search uncertainly or with difficulty (for a solution, answer, etc.)

3. (tr) to find or make (one's way) by groping

4. (tr) Slang to feel or fondle the body of (someone) for sexual gratification

the act of groping

[Old English grāpian; related to Old High German greifōn, Norwegian greipa; compare gripe]

gropingly  adv

Meaning number one is a possibility for Mr. Cain. He was allegedly feeling and searching for something with the hands.

Number two: probably doesn’t apply, but it could.

Number three: that works.

Number four” ahhh….Eureka! (Allegedly)

Yesterday at a news conference Mr. Cain had this response to the allegations that he groped Sharon Bislek, the woman who accused him of the action. The question asked was would he be willing to take a lie detector test to refute the accusation?

His answer was yes, but…

 "But I'm not going to do that unless I have a good reason to do that..."

I am wondering what is a good reason for him to do that?

Come on Herman….go home, you’ve had your fifteen minutes in the sunlight of fame.

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