Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weather and Soap

I'm nestled in Daphne, Alabama. It is a quaint bayside community with a modern presence. I got here late yesterday afternoon and found a reasonable hotel. The clerk says the low temperature for tonight is expected to be 27º. That's not what I expected coming to the south. Traveling across the long panhandle length of Florida the temperature never got past 57º. I kept checking to see if I was really in Florida.

With only a slight smile I listened to the forecast for the middle atlantic states and my neighboring states in the northeast. You've got near blizzard conditions and google amounts of snow and you have my sympathy.

I did enjoy waking to the sound of surf yesterday morning in Destin, Florida. I'd never seen the gulf coast before and like all the other coasts I've experience it was delightful.

I wonder why we are attracted to the sea. I read an article once that suggested it was because we evolved from the sea and it is an atavistic symmetry that calls us back to its sound, aroma and rhythmic tides. I don't know about that, but maybe it's because we are 80% water ourselves. Since likes attract, maybe that's it.

I also have a wonder question. I've been staying in various hotels on my travels. I'm wondering what happens to all the used soap that people leave behind a daily basis. The average hotel room rental per diem in America is nearly 290-thousand. That's a lot of soap. Where does it go?

On my way to New Orleans.

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