Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facts and Opinion

A digression from traveling:

When I started writing this Blog and in fact when I started writing commentaries a number of years ago, I decided I would try to offer an alternative way of looking at a situation, an issue, an action, or a belief.

While I still try to hold to that personal ethic, it is often difficult to do so especially when those in leadership positions choose ignorance over intelligence. Unfortunately it happens everyday and everywhere because opinionated righteousness demands, not only a personal validation, but a vindication from suspicion of being wrong.

To me stated facts demand validation and so few today immersed in their political or spiritual beliefs, seek the confirmation attainable in common sense or astute research. Many people prefer either the false verification of blind faith or hold a blind allegiance that gives only momentary strength to an empty belief.

Untruths never matter when the result brings about what you politically desire. To me a logical and even fair motto for all of us, is don’t send junk mail out until you personally check it. Partisen legislators and some of their constituents are willing to stand for what they think is true, not for what is true.

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Topher08 said...

In regard to today’s post, the reference about sending (or forwarding) junk mail I can personally attest to. Several years ago, when just getting acclimated to local politics at the party level, I forwarded an email that I believed would echo the sentiments of my list serve. Well, I thought wrong and, by a baptism by fire, I learned that the email in question was chock full of lies and innuendo about a particular religion and members of the religion. I failed to check the “facts” that were denoted in the email and, as a result, made a huge mistake and had to explain my “blind ignorance” on the issue.
I wish that I had never forwarded such nonsense to people who held me expected much better from me, held me in a higher regard, and demanded more from me than the garbage that I sent out that day. Learning a lasting and valuable lesson from that experience, I have since yielded to the practice of not ever forwarding mass emails, at all, no matter what they expound upon. After all, we are all inundated with garbage each day, so why add to the problem. I hope that others read your remarks and heed your advice, I wish I had.

Thank you for the postings and please continue to have safe travels.

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