Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back Roads

Dateline: Charleston, SC

Some differences between North and South.

Traveling to here has been an experience and an education. I drove the back roads instead of the interstate highways. It takes about an hour longer in travel time, but the scenery is authentic Americana, not interstate sanitized.

I remember years ago when Lady Bird Johnson, then the First Lady of the United States, created a campaign to beautify the interstate highway system by eliminating junkyards and billboards. Granted, it’s beautiful, but it’s the same mile after mile and you have no idea of cultural or social change from one state to the other.

The back roads, through villages and towns is truly America. It is both quaint and depressing and strip-mall speckled into the sameness of names. McDonalds, Arby’s, Applebee’s and Wal-Mart.

One of the big differences between North and South is pronunciation. We are one people separated by a common language. Misunderstanding occurs in the ear. In the south everything begins with, “Yuall” and continues with undistinguishable words. I tried to find something at a convenience store and I couldn't understand what the clerk was saying.

Charleston, SC is a wonderful city. I got to see Fort Sumter for the first time. It's the place where the civil war began. It's actually a little piece of the northern rock. In 1827 they imported 70 thousand tons of New England granite to build-up a sand bar in the middle of Charleston harbor. Then they built the fort.

All in all, I would recommend a visit to this historic city. Its charm is infectious and its architecture an hallucinogenic back to another time.

“Yu’all” come.


Anonymous said...

Hey y'all! Need some help mounting the gun rack in the Prius? Have some sweetea and grits at the Waffle House while we hep yez wit dat. Y'all can add the confederate flag bumper sticker next trip. Yanks. Y'all are so cute. (You even type with an accent!)

Topher08 said...

I do hope that the graciousness, generosity and hospitality that I am sure you have, no doubt, experienced while traveling in the South has made up for the lack of enunciation that you have encountered. Be safe and be well and I hope that you continue to experience all that the South has to offer.

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