Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Zero

Writing yesterday’s post brought back the darkness of 9/11 2001.

Not only did I see it happen, I reported on tragedy for days and days.

I’ve visited Ground Zero a number of times over the years. I remember passing the wall of shrines at Trinity Church where flowers, letters, and photos were set in sacred reverence on a wrought iron fence.
Each tribute then a collective jolt and individual pain reminding us of what we lost.

People prayed with each attempt to rescue those we thought might be alive and trapped beneath the tombs of debris. We cried as each body was recovered and still we hoped.

As the time passed our prayers of hope gave way to the horror of the numbers dead and the knowing that no one could survive.

All we could do was salute and be silent as the flag draped bodies passed from the pit into the broken hearts of their families and we ached for those who would have no body to mourn or to bury.

Our leaders responded to terrorism as the civilized world said no to the inhumanity of terror and vowed to destroy the organizations that promote and encourage it.

The war on terror is far from over and it is doubly sad that so many more lives have been lost in the battle.  Like so many I will visit Ground Zero again and again and remember.

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