Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Skunks and Vistas

Going from the Texas hill country into the mesas and desert flats of the northwest part of the state is some of the most beautiful country America has to offer to the eye. The far distant mountains are indeed “purple” looking and majesties above the fruited plain.

I know there were trails for the early settlers to slowly move across the land, but what about the first wagon and the first scout? How did they do it? Rand McNally was not around at the time. The vastness of the prairie and the immensity of the rising mountains belittles the mind as to how the pioneers did it.

I must have driven a hundred miles before I saw more than three cars. North and South lanes slid side-by-side for mile and after mile, no median just a yellow line, speed limit 80-MPH.

Not to be pedantic about my linear observations, but I did pass or smell 24 dead skunks or what was left of them on the roadway. Either Texas has a plethora of Skunks or it’s the mating season and road 285 was their river Styx.

The temperature hovered around 45ยบ most of the day as I headed into southern New Mexico on my way to Roswell. Yes, that one! Aliens, flying saucers, and alleged government cover-ups of captured space ships.

I’ve always wanted to come here. Maybe my Pleiadian ancestry wants gratification. Some folks think the human race was seeded from visitors from that star system. I do know one thing about the Pleiades. Everyone was named Smith.

I’m here for the overnight and then onto Ojo Caliente.

Thanks for tuning in. Next is either a time warp, an alien abduction or a Mexican restaurant.

PS It turned out to be Italian.

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