Friday, February 5, 2010


Dateline: Savannah

Maybe rain on the way.

This is  a delightful city. No wonder it is called Savannah. You cross a wide and marshy plain before you enter the proverbial gates of the city. There are no gates, but the city rises out of the flat plain and  there is history galore.  The city is nestled at the northeastern edge of Georgia. The Savannah River separates it from South Carolina.

Getting here was easy. The back roads once again carried me past the homes and marshlands of South Carolina into this thriving port city.

The South has a mystique about it and I'm not sure northerners can understand it. It smiles along with its inhabitants and there is a grace that soothes, you can feel it. I've often wondered if people make the place where they live or if the place conditions their demeanor? I suppose a little of both.

What I find here is a willingness to take life a little slower. People seem to have a joyful experience of just living. They also have a ambient courtesy that is evident in every exchange whether mercantile or just passing by. I like that.

More as my journey progresses.

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Anonymous said...

You should have stopped and purchased a basket in the Gullah Country off HWY 17 headed into Mt. Pleasant. They make beautiful basket and they have a dialect this is unique, even to the South.

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