Friday, February 12, 2010

Back up one state

Now that I am in New Orleans, Louisiana and celebrating pre-Marti Gras. I can report that the food is excellent, the people are more than friendly and the weather is lousy. Cold, rain with some sleet and I have yet to see a really warm day since I left the northeast nearly two weeks ago.

My day was spent doing some busy work things and checking accommodations for the next several days. I do remember one story that I was going to mention when traveling through Mississippi.

There was a news story a while back about a guy in Mississippi who was arrested for public drunkeness for the 625th time. His name was Al Stewart. One way to tell what  happened to Al is with a limerick.

     There was a young man from old Miss.
     Arrested for alcohol bliss.
     He'd done it before
     and the judge would roar,
     Three days behind're dismissed.

     On Wednesday, it happened again.
     Al Stewart was drunk from the gin.
     The tally does mount.
     The clerk keeps the count,
     It's binge 625, he grinned.

     From the bench came ranting and rail
     the judge gave him eight months in jail.
     Al picked up a chair
     flung it in the air,
     toward the judge, it left a contrail.

     Now Stewart is pacing the floor
     and sees double locks on the door.
     First he was tackled
     then bound and shackled,
     being sober won't help anymore.

     From the bench, came the quid pro quo.
     Al Steward must reap what he sowed.
     It won't be a chair,
     the judge did declare
     for Al, it's the book, I do throw.

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