Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Healing Waters

I’ve arrived at Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. It is a mineral springs spa with a long history. I plan to relax and meditate for a few days before resuming my back road journey to Southern California.
I am told this is a sacred place visited by the native peoples of the region perhaps for a thousand years.
I don’t doubt it. I feel it already after soaking in the mineral springs; my mind wanders to spiritual wonder.
In order to ultimately embrace the truth and shed illusions every journey must slay the dragons of need in the caves of self-creation. Modern dragons can manifest as cell phones, briefcases, contracts and worry. Life’s dragons can only be slain by taking the time to BE instead of BECOMING something. We are called human BEINGS afterall, not human BECOMINGS. Living in the moment makes it a little easier to slay the demons.
I’ve invited you to join me on this simple journey across America to see your own journey through the sharing of mine.

Remember, when you are mired in the density of frustration or unclear in your choices you are more than you seem, as I am more than I seem, for each of us is the culmination of our ancestors genes built upon the foundation of mortal experience and the profound divine gift of choice.

From this special place comes blessings from the ancient ones who live forever in the universal light of these hot springs.

Already they ask that I take from this place inspiration and express it as beauty. They ask that I remember their gifts to us: dappled light purified and enriched by the filtering forests, grand vistas and rocky cliffs. They remind me that every gentle flower scented breeze connects our human spirit to the Gaia spirit. All the ancient ones ask that we remember the rhythm, the chant, the atavistic dance that links us to the Source, to the All That Is, the beneficence of so many names.



Anonymous said...

看到你的好文章真是開心 加油囉.......................................

Gabi K said...

"taking the time to BE instead of BECOMING something".

If only this would be so easy as it sounds...

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