Monday, February 22, 2010


Dateline: Arizona

Misnomers about Arizona:

1. It’s warm.

I arrived into Arizona from New Mexico and it was 32º and snowing. Granted I was at 6-thousand feet, but this is ARIZONA. Loosely translated as “Arid-Zone”, meaning dry, desert, presumable warm etc.

2. It’s warm.

A few hours later I’m in Phoenix. 56º. When I left the northeast it was 5º. That is only a 49 degrees difference and it is not enough to make me happy. In fact it has been above 65º only once since this exploration of America began that traveled the south to Florida and then westward along the gulf coast.

3. It’s dry.

For the last couple of days I have seen nothing but intermittent rain showers, some torrential downpours. It didn’t last long, but it was rain in this desert.

4. Did I mention it’s not warm here?

I’m spending some time with long time, good friends in Chandler, Arizona. It’s always a pleasure to see and be with them for our kids grew up together in northern New Jersey many years ago.

I have visited the Phoenix area many times over the years. I like its feel. It is modern, clean, and seemingly conservative with shades of maverick liberalism. And like so many areas of America today it is economically effected by the current recession.

The home values in this region are half of what they use to be 18 months ago. There is much criticism here that the government has not done enough to help in releasing bail out funds from the banks to help refinance common homeowners.

It is my observation that there is a common concern all across America about the lack of bipartisan cooperation in Congress. The feeling seems to be that our representatives are more concerned with contentious politics than they are concerned for the greater good of the country.

Congress take note. I’m hearing more and more sentiments of throw them all out and start over.

Be well everyone.

PS Did mention it’s not warm here?


Gabi K said...

" I’m hearing more and more sentiments of throw them all out and start over."

Are you sure, you are Arizona? This quote can be heard in Germany, too.

Sending some warmth

Topher08 said...

I agree. I am looking for the emergence of a 3rd political party in the near future (maybe 15-20 years)

This has got to be one of the roughest winters we have faced in about 25 years; at least it is for the Southeast, anyway. This time of year, it should have been in the low to mid 60s for your entire trip across the south (VA through TX).

Enjoy your trip and keep posting.

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