Monday, November 30, 2015


Thanksgiving is over for another year. If you celebrate the holiday I trust your day, your gathering, your trip, your dinner met and amplified the peace within you.

It seems to me that to designate a single day to give thanks is a little silly given what we have as a collective whole, we are more than fortunate compared to the other portions of our world.

I've always liked the philosophy of the Iroquois nation. Their thanksgiving ceremony takes many days for they verbally thank everything they can think of. Everything!

Maybe if we were to thank Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians Buddhists and all the other numerous belief systems for the sacredness of their beliefs we would have the daily comfort of honoring the same God of many names.

Maybe that would work for congress. Instead of giving lip service to the American people just to get elected each member of congress would give thanks for other thoughts, thinking, and philosophies. Dreamer.

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