Thursday, November 5, 2015

Strangers and Conversations

I had a delightful experience while dining at a Japanese restaurant last night. I was sitting at the Sushi Bar enjoying my order. There was a chair between me and a lady also enjoying her repast.

When she finished dinner I said to her, “I hoped you enjoyed your meal.” She responded that she did and our conversation began.

The specifics are not important. The fact that we conversed for nearly an hour is. We filled in the blanks of career, some history, backgrounds and hope and wishes.

We Americans often sit next too or nearly by another who is silent in dining and we never say a thing. Why is that? Perhaps we’re shy or insecure or any other reason that we choose to remain silent and eliminate the possibility of joyful communication. What a shame. Conversations with strangers are blessings from the Source. Try it, you will be enlightened.

Angels, Avatars and mystics come in many ways to validate our presence or admonish our choices. All we have to do is listen, discern and choose with the new values of a stranger’s wisdom.

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