Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jim Cusick

I learned yesterday that a former colleague and friend passed from a fierce battle with lung cancer. His memorial service is Friday in Manhattan at the Church of Heavenly Rest on 90th street. I will be there.

Many of my CBS compatriots will remember Jim Cusick. He went from writer, to producer, to News Director of channel two in New York, which was always called by those of us who worked there as, “The Deuce.”

Jim worked for the Peace Corp in Thailand, Laos and elsewhere before he followed the fullness of his heart into print and broadcast journalism. He was fluent in the Mandarin Chinese language and a number of other southeast Asian dialects. I remember many a dinner with Jim at the old Bangkok 54 restaurant. He would speak in perfect Chinese or Thai to the waiter who would be astonished and immediately respectful.

Like so many of my former colleagues who have gone to that proverbial beyond, I will think of conversations, situations, confrontations and splendid communications with a soul who came to into form to participate in making the world a better place through clear thinking, fine writing and the desire to tell a great story.

I will miss Jim as I do so many others who have gone before.

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