Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Some disappointments from recent news reports.

Former speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.  His portrait was removed from prominent display in a gallery in the House of Representatives. What is it about power that corrupts? Voltaire seems to know. The disappointment comes from Hastert's choices, not the removal of the painting.

The Catholic Church hierarchy in the Vatican apparently doesn’t want some things known. Two new books about what’s going on inside are about to surface. The Washington Post says one reports lavish spending by the cardinals. The Catholic Church, in fact all religions, should be the evidence of their teachings.

The Huffington Post says that the Defense Department spent nearly $43 million dollars to build a liquid national gas station in Afghanistan that may not be usable. What Congressman got that one passed or what general thought that through. When will the American people get tired of waste and dumb decisions.

A polling place in yesterday’s elections in the New York area asked people who they were voting for and then directed them to specific booths…. until someone said you can’t do that.
Are voters that stupid?  Sorry for the rhetorical question.

Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and many other candidates are saying things that cannot be verified, are blatantly wrong or are factually inaccurate. Why? Where is truth?

Also from the Washington Post, they report that a rancher bought nearly 18-hundred horses from Uncle Sam and then sent them to the slaughterhouse instead of finding a safe place for the horses. Greed, thy name is us.

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