Friday, November 20, 2015

Backdoor access?

There is a lot of talk about how terrorists communicate. The big issues are the encryption communication apps on cell-phones. Yes, they exist and available to anyone who chooses to download them.

The fearful of losing more privacy liberties would like to ban the ability of the Silicon Valley companies to provide the access via a backdoor in all cellphones. Governments and law enforcements agencies would like to have an entry to surf the communications for terrorist behavior. There are valid arguments on both sides.

I would bet that each company that manufactures the cellphones have a top secret back door accesses into each phone sold in order to protect their mercantile survival just in case some cataclysmic event happens in the future that threatens their existence. I would think that the existence of a top-secret code is known only to a very few or maybe just an individual programmer. If I were running a major, multi-national company with profits in the billions I would have such a code. Greed and truth have their limits when extinction is the result.

I acknowledge that my thinking is pure speculation, but to me it makes sense.

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