Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rights and Wrongs

It is right to mourn the tragically slain in France.
It is right to mourn the innocents blown out of the sky over Saudi Arabia.
It is right to try to help the innocent fleeing violence, oppression and secular abuse.
It is right to contemplate a forceful response to diabolic actions.
It is right to condemn with force those who choose a violent path in life.

It is wrong to link all Muslims to terrorism.
It is wrong to respond to all of these cowardly slaughters with fear.

Fear inhibits the component of compassion as the intellect sorts through facts; as the mind worries about how to stay safe from an enemy who cares not for life, theirs or someone else’s.

Fear is also an enemy. It constricts discernment. It distorts reason. It diminishes the moral fiber of a basic human trait: to help and response to need.

Unfortunately, many of our politicians and seekers of power play the fear-card as their credential to leadership.  It is wrong. It is shameful and I pray enough people will peer through the darkness of projected fear into the light of understanding.  You can never be perfctly safe on a planet of learning.

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