Monday, November 9, 2015

Finding Stuff

It’s one of those Sunday nights when I was thinking about a blog post for this Monday morning.

I was going through a little used closet yesterday to see what I could throw out, give away or sell.

Surprise! I found a canvas bag that I had been looking for for several years. It had some electronic equipment that I could use today for my weekly radio program on the Envision Radio Network. It was technical stuff that still usable. Microphones, connecting cords, etc.

Smith/Sabatino has been slow to expand, but it’s still viable and successful. If you get a chance to tune in, I hope you do. You can find us on iHeart radio, ITunes, and on some stations that carry the American Weekend Format.

But back to my find. In March of 1979 there was a partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania. I was reported on the story, not on location, but from the studio, so just in case any radiation would head to the New York region I bought a Geiger counter. I forgot I even had it. I put in new batteries and it worked.

I also found several cassette tapes of interviews I had done way back when. I recognized the names of the subjects, but not the content and I have no way today to play the old tapes.

I guess that’s the way it is. We save stuff figuring that we’d either use it or hear it again in the future, but technology changes so fast and we throw out the mechanisms that play it.

It’s probably the way it ought to be. Things that no longer serve our best and noble interests are destined to oblivion. Memories have little value in our choices for the future.

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