Thursday, October 22, 2015

What's really important

I’m assuming you already know.

Biden is not going to run. It leaves the democratic presidential race with two candidates. Hillary and Bernie. Bravo. Let them debate and campaign and win, if they can.

But for me that’s not the issue in this post.

A little four-year-old girl was killed in New Mexico in an apparent road rage shooting. She was riding in her families’ truck and some sort of altercation began between to vehicles.

What the hell is wrong with our society. A lane change, or a cut-off is equal to the life of a four-year-old child. I’m angry! I’m peeode, and you know what that means in the vernacular.

Anger is not the adjudicator of personal right. It is time for all of us, both personally and publically to stop and examine our own behavior in this arena, if it applies, and to stand strong and demand new and different gun control laws. I don’t want to change the second amendment guarantees. I do want to change the process of the guarantees that allow gun purchases to the human detritus of unabated road-rage low-life.

How many more children are we going to let get killed before we demand governmental action?

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