Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A New Vision

Vision is the process by which we construct the future. It is the substance of creation and the positive image of what we can be, but with our current Presidential candidates I do not hear words that engender the enthusiasm to collectively co-create the structure of common hope on the foundation of realistic wonder.

I want more. I want something to hold on to besides the “aming” of their own “I’s”. I want each to be a statesman not a politician. I want to hear the reinforcement of American ideals. I want all to paint me a picture of the future and color it with noble ideas and then give it the fragrance of action. I want the genesis of solutions on immigration, Medicare, health care, education, the economy and the litany of other issues entrained in our future.

From most candidates, on occasion, I get a peek, a pinhole of light into their vision of a coming America, but to often it is clouded with canned political speak and false facts. Mostly what I glean from the campaign appearances is the darkness of old ideas and the detritus of false words.

When Alexander the Great became ruler of the world, he came upon a philosopher who was lying upon his back in a meadow and mediating. Having become powerful and rich, Alexander became a patron of the arts and intellectuals. He stood before the philosopher and said, "Name your wish, it will be granted.” "I am a patron of culture and will gladly underwrite any project you may select".

The Philosopher thought for a moment and said: "You may do one thing for me, your Highness. Please step aside, you are standing between me and the sun".

Our next President must step aside of the blinding light of partisan politics, step aside from the narrow light of rhetoric and bickering and lead us to our grandest vision of ourselves.

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