Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Fall Find

The fall foliage around my home is beautiful and at peek right now. I wrote about that yesterday. But look what I found on my morning walk.

I’ve never seen leafs with half one color and the the other half another hue. I’ve seen them mottled, speckled, and variegated, but not half and half.

What a delight.

"I now know why we call them leaves,
to soon they fall when frosted theives,
lure their green to red and golds
in colors soft and dazzling bolds.

Leafs drop from age and sometimes breeze
to land on lawns near shrubs and trees.
They drift in circles to the ground
in crinkling, cracking, scrunching sound.

O' leaves of branch and brush, behold!
Your service lasts despite the cold,
As quilts of warmth for creatures low,
beneath the ground, before the snow.

Some leaves will sail to lawns serene
where children's smiles can then be seen
waiting for the rake and pile
to leap upon and lie awhile.

But soon the crumpled stems and flake
are raked in rows for match to make
a downey flame and spired smoke,
incense of honor to the oak.

Then barren trees stand naked, strong,
to slice the wind of winters song.
Hard leaning forth from bending blow,
then snapping, weaving to and fro.

I know there is a message here,
where trees with leaves at end of year
do molt their husks of leafy sheen
so other seasons can be seen.

Thus trees and man are oft' alike,
in time each shed their aging haik.
What's left in silhouette pristine,
is life anew in spirit green.

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