Friday, October 2, 2015

A Real Fire of Fall

It was cold here today. Fall is here. It was 50-degrees late this afternoon and damp. I decided to light my first fire of the Fall of 2015.


The warmth of old logs nurtured by the another warmth decades ago moved from hearth to home in a matter of minutes. Most folks who enjoy a home hearth fire forget that the wood that burns has been a long term storage container of the sun’s heat and light. Remember your science. Energy cannot be created for destroyed, just changed.

If I let my mind flow beyond the now, and into the past. The heat that I feel and the light of flames that I see was originally transmitted decades ago as the tree absorbed the sun’s light and grew and stored the energy into the fiber of its being. The same light and heat that I enjoyed today, my parents or grand-parents may have enjoyed many years earlier.

What a concept! What a connection!

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