Friday, August 28, 2015

Understanding? Is it possible?

I look at the tragic and insane ending of two lives in the Virginia shooting two days ago and I ask what is the purpose of this. Some disciplines believe that each soul has planned potentials before they emerge into this life and density from the spirit realm and they agree to those potentials depending on individual choices.

I’d like to believe that for it validates the prophetic phrase of the poet Khalil Gibran, when he wrote and I am paraphrasing, “each ending is not without the participation of the victim.”

Frankly that makes no sense in our result, action, and choice/consequence world, but it could if one can truly disassociate the mind and body from the perceived reality of our dimension and embrace the fact that we never really die and move from life to life in order to grow closer to the Source of All That Is. If only...

It’s hard to fathom and equally hard to understand the seemingly injustice of it all.

I’m gonna go and think about mowing the lawn.

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