Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Candidates

I can’t believe some of the false, partially inaccurate and downright lies most the candidates for the Presidential nomination are tossing out to the public as truth. Apparently many of the seekers of the Presidential candidacy nod think that if you say something often enough to the people who will listen they will believe it.

Senator Lindsay Graham attacked Hillary in a speech that used Monica Lewinsky as the point of attack. Monica? Come on, Lindsay, that was with Bill and he’s not running. Graham might better answer the lingering questions about his military service and the apparently free promotions he received for doing very little. It seems that powerful Senators are a little more equal that everybody else.

All of the GOP candidates might better look at why Donald Trump, the gadfly of the GOP is ahead in the polls. I know it’s early and those who say they support “The Donald” now, may abandon him if for some strange reason he gets the nomination, But…and but and Lord forbid.

On the Democrat side, why is Ms. Hillary already anointed, or nearly so for the donkey side of politics. Bernie Sanders is making waves and where is Joe Biden?  He could be a logical alternative to those in the democratic party and cross-overs who say, “anybody, but Hillary.” There are many others who need to step up if for no other reason than to offer choice.

Our system of government needs qualified candidates, both new blood and old blood to present themselves to the electorate for close scrutiny. We don’t need dynasties, also ran’s, formers and buffoons to sit in the seat of power.

We need statesmen and women. We need people of intellect, discernment, compassion, vision, integrity and a spirit that is willing to embrace the new energetic will of humankind that negates conflict as a solution to global problems. A shared peace is the only answer to global survival.

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