Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Donald

The Donald
©2015 Rolland G. Smith

There once was a fellow named Trump
Who got on the GOP stump.
The debate was brash
Cuz he has the cash
And many now think he’s a chump.

He’s arrogant right to the quik
At times his bravado is shtick.
He’s boastful and mean
Politically green
And many thinks he a P----..

Now what do we do with this guy
Who’s making a high office try.
Do we laugh and ignore
And say he’s a bore
And hope that he soon goes good-bye.

He might be a comfortable fit
In Congress that works in a snit
Nothing’s is done
Not a things begun;
It’s lately a pendulum pit.

We get what we think we deserve
In these times of negative nerve
The Donald is bad.
Politically sad.

The republic must be preserved.

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