Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cruelty to Animals

I have a small dog who is a loving part of my family. I would gladly do anything to make sure this animal is cared for with comfort and compassion.

I believe animals have an awareness of their place and service to human kind and that awareness extends beyond the animals we call pets to the ones we call food.

Some animals serve humankind as food, some as beasts of burdens and others as companions or pets, and that is the way of things. I saw a video the other day that disturbed me. It was an outright example of man’s cruelty to animals. A tractor trailer was hauling a crowded load of pigs to slaughter.

The ambient temperature at the truck trailer where it was parked registered at 110 degrees. Concerned animal activists from PETA knew the conditions and approached the trailer body with squirt bottles of water. You should have seen the pigs noses and mouths desperately trying to poke through the small holes just to get water.

A camera peering through the small ventilating holes in the trailer’s sides captured a scene that was abhorrent. No water, over crowding. The pigs were suffering all the same symptoms of heat exhaustion as humans do; rapid panting, disorientation, and vomiting.

I looked at my pet dog and I looked at these animals in the video who are destined to be human food and I was angry. I know intellectually and emotionally that cruelty at the end of their lives is wrong.

Food Producers, and drivers need to observe compassion for these animals, even though they are destined for market. Consumers need to demand it.  It is the least we can do.

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