Friday, August 21, 2015


What I know and what I believe are two distinct things. I know because of experience and the “ah ha” of the mind and I believe because of faith, both by choice and the faith of constriction from childhood and family choices.

I’m talking about the blind faith that churches, religions and evangelical charlatans will taut and taunt before your desire to get closer to God. I’m talking about the faith of dogma. The belief system of somebody else’s thinking. The ancient root word of dogma comes from that meaning.

Knowing comes from revelation, rapture, and personal experience where you realize that love, not penance is the only requirement for spiritual joy.

Belief comes from the fear that you won’t get to revelation, rapture and even the confessions of repentance won’t make you feel good.

I know a truth. If you want to get as close to God as any mortal ever has, then love all people, events, situations and your own choices unconditionally and you will find a singular euphoria of peace in an instant.

Part of you will think about what I’ve said and believe it and try it. Another part of you will mull, assess, discern and reject and that’s ok too. There is never a judgment of belief only the consequence of choice.

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