Monday, April 20, 2015

The Ocean

I recently visited good friends who have a home on the ocean in South Carolina. Their home is magnificent and so is the experience of the ocean.

Its sounds are mesmerizing. Its aroma distinct and pleasant. Its tides predictable. Its mystery profound. It inspires.

Fripp Island Views

Shimmering Sea — azure shades of sky,
Ripples in a mirror, reflection of a high.
There’s distant blue and nearer green
Experienced first — then clearly seen.

Close your eyes and feel the breeze,
An ocean gift, her nature pleased.
This landward wind from blue beyond
Brings saline songs from tidal pond.

With bursting puffs of curling surf
The salted manna seeks the turf.
In respect the two abide
As they struggle side by side.

Yet rolling waves reclaim the sand
That once was called a part of land,
Then washing rain erodes the earth
To claim a patch of greater worth.

Could it be true for people too?
Respecting other points of view?
The ocean brings us many truths —

Find its meaning, see its proof.

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