Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Dichotomy of Life

On one hand we have countries, organizations and individuals rushing to help the people of Nepal. Tents, blankets, food and water are the sympathies and hugs from the civilized world to so many in need. And then on the other hand…

Isn’t it interesting that ISIS or Al Qaida send no help, no volunteers, and no aid, to those in dire need? I always thought that Islam was a belief system that served universal needs despite any personal belief system. I think I read it once in the Koran, but then the tenants of the Prophet Mohammad are not the cruel and diabolical Theocracy of ICIS or Al Qaida.

Then in our own country we have ignorant, the criminal, the anarchists who will kill, injured, loot and riot, not for a reason that must be adjudicated under the rule of law, but for the arrogance of blind racial injustice under the rule of violence.

Shame on the rioters of Baltimore; bravo to those who protested rightfully and peacefully. The ignorant and the stupid will always take society onto the path of anarchy.

Taking, stealing, rioting, blaming and burning will always justify the lowness of life. It takes compassion, patience, love, and conversation to reach justice and positive change to the innate prejudices and ignorance of people.

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