Friday, April 3, 2015

Shame on you Mr. Speaker

I wasn't much enamored with the political antics of Speaker John Boehner before, but now I am appalled at his arrogance.

He is in Israel, allegedly on congressional business, and he is bad-mouthing the foreign policy and actions of the United States in order to demean President Obama in particular and the Democrats in general.

We know he invited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before congress. It was an egregious protocol breech, if not unconstitutional. We also know that very sensitive negotiations are in progress with world leaders and Iran over Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Mr. Speaker we know too that you disagree with everything President Obama says, does, asks for, and hopes for. Your actions have proven that over the last few years. You have the right to disagree with past and current administration proposals at home. As a congressman from a Cincinnati district in Ohio you do not have the right to condemn American policies and actions while visiting a foreign land.

To me, a prominent elected official does not go to another country and criticize one’s home country for political or any other reason. Critiques and debate should be kept at home, within the family.

Boehner sees Israel as a means to get the Jewish population of America to support republican candidates with their votes and with their money.

Shame on you Mr. Speaker.

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