Thursday, April 9, 2015


Disappointments in the humanity of being.

White Cop in South Carolina shoots a running away black man. The video seems to show the officer planting evidence.

Dick Cheney still commenting on the legacy of the Obama Administration. Why do we even listen to this man? Apparently his old mind does not listen to his new heart.

Ted Cruz running for President.

Rand Paul running for President.

Hillary Clinton thinking about running for President.

Jeb Bush running for President.

A woman with cancer removed from an Alaska Airlines flight.

Water is running out and people are still cheating in California rationing. United we stand and alone we thirst. Something like that worked once before.

All of humanity is the individuation of the indivisible and yet we still see ourselves as separate.

And Spirit tells us; all is as it should be. Since our thoughts and actions create our world, then we get what we are.

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